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East Central Riders of Illinois is a varied group of folks who enjoy riding, eating and socializing. Mostly we ride BMW motorcycles, but if your riding style and general demeanor fits in, we really don't care. We are a virtual group; members are notified about events through this web site and our list serve. Members are spread throughout east central Illinois and residency is mostly a state of mind anyway.

The East Central Riders of Illinois began from a group of riders who while hanging out at Twin City BMW Motorcycles would decide to ride to breakfast or lunch or to a rally. This graduated to notes posted on the bulletin board and then to a list serve. As long as we were this organized, it just took $15 and a little discussion to become a BMWMOA chartered club. The personalities include technicians, small business owners, professionals of all types, academics, retirees and others who make up the spectrum of those sharing the two wheel affliction.

While there are a wide variety of usually strongly held opinions, the one thing we agree on is our relatively informal organization. If you would like some company, send a message and some one will probably join you. If you have a great idea for an event- organize it and twist some arms, people will come out of the woodwork to help. As our motto indicates, we are mostly BMW, but we include Moto Guzzis, Cagivas, Suzukis and whatever else shows up for a ride. Conversation is well...always interesting and definitely a break from the daily routine.

We hope that you will find this site useful and interesting. Feel free to contact us at ecridersinfo@ecridersillinois.org

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